1. API Testing Tools
    API Means application programming interface. with the help of API testing tools one verifies quality of graphical user interface components and other software components. We are using these tools to make sure API is ready for prime time.
  2. Bug Tracking Tools
    Bug tracking tools are software products meant for storing and maintain software bugs. such a tool is essential for any software development process; bug trackers are convenient for tracking defects found in the elaborated application.
  3. Communication Tracking Tools
    COmmunications testing tools are created for verification data exchange processes between software products. They are utilized during testing and quality assurance programs that work with voice communication and data transfer protocols.
  4. Compatibility testing tools
    Compatibility testing tools are utilized for verifying the software compatibility with the computing environment. The environment comprises hardware platforms, networking conditions, operating systems, browsers, other applications functioning on the same device.
  5. Database testing tools
    Database testing tools are programs serving for setting connections with databases, executing queries verifying data, generating test cases and other testing tasks. Using of these tools helps with finding errors in the databases as well as with elimination them.
  6. Design testing tools
    Design testing tools help to check how HTML and CSS elements of the web application are displayed, verify the layout and design of the web software on different screen sizes, devices and compare the results with design sources
  7. HTML testing tools
    Link and HTML testign tools are useful for searching borken links and different HTML errors on the website. Also they are used for verification,monitoring and management of web based applications for W3C and section 508 compliance
  8. Mobile testing tools
    Mobile testing tools serve for verifying qualifying and searching defects in mobile software products. Also they help in preparing software for mobile customers, considering the huge range of mobile devices and browsers
  9. Performance testing tools
    Performance testing tools are used for measuring performance, load and stress capacity of a software product. They can simulate user actions, record user scenarios, collect server performance data generate test reports and assist test engineers in other ways.
  10. Security testing tools
    Security testing tools can be used for verifying security of the system by attempting to break it or by hacking it. They simulate different external attacks, probe for externally visible points of attack, find weakness in password files and passwords and so on.
  11. Test Automation tools
    Test automation tools are software products utilized for creating scripts that automatically run the tests, compare actual and expected results, generate test reports. The tools are very helpful during software testing
  12. Test management tools
    A test management tool is utlised for planning and maintaining a testing process managing the tests and testing activities, logging test results and so on. They allow us to collaboratively manage test plans, requirements, test suites, test cases and test runs.
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