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We can turn your software dreams into reality using our state of the art computer software.
Our Services
Operating environment for global organizations is increasingly getting complex. While IT is no longer a support function in an organization, transformation of functional areas needs to be in harmony with the business strategy too. As change becomes the new normal in the business world, organizations today need to reinvent in order to excel. We helps you achieve and sustain this success through strategic, functional and process transformation that enables you improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance resilience.
  1. Functional Testing
    Functional testing services are aimed to verify whether the software product complies with the functional requirements indicated in its specification. Application Functionality Must be verified in Scope of MODULE TESTING At this stage we check in the context of our software testing services whether functions of the separate modules operate properly. INTEGRATION TESTING At this stage we verify if the functions involving interaction of the system modules work as intended. SYSTEM TESTING At this stage our quality assurance team carefully examines functionality of the whole system.
  2. Performance Testing
    Performance testing is conducted at late phases of the development process, when the system is almost ready for release. Why is Performance Testing Necessary LOAD TESTING Assumes determining whether the application operates properly under certain workloads, what problems happen during functioning under the loads. PERFORMANCE TESTING Aims at finding bottlenecks in the tested program and establishing its benchmark behavior rather than at discovering defects. STRESS TESTING Testers try to break the tested application by means of overloading it or taking away resources from it. VOLUME TESTING Is concentrated on verifying how the application copes with increasing volume of data. RELIABILITY TESTING Is focused on determining whether the system properly operates under certain load for a long time.
  3. Security Testing
    Challenges to your IT security SAM-i can help you to eliminate any security loopholes in an effective and lasting way. However, occasional or one off analyses cannot offer 100% protection for IT systems. This is because technologies are constantly developing, while the systems and tools available to attackers are becoming more powerful. Moreover, even very minor changes to the overall structure of your IT environment or failure to apply necessary system changes can open up new windows for attack. Lasting protection with IT security tests Our security experts know that: In the long term, adopting a systematic approach to attack situations is vital for a high level of security. This may mean drawing up threat scenarios or designing secure applications and architectures – we will help with development, implementation and maintenance. Our IT security tests are always based on up to date risk scenarios. This enables us to provide targeted end to end protection for your applications
  4. Development
    We have a proven track record of working with software technology organizations to successfully introduce over new software solutions. We are constantly evolving our capabilities to help software technology companies do more with less: deliver software solutions on popular and trending platforms faster and ensure high quality within time constraints, with fewer resources, and lower costs. We achieve this by deploying best-in-class resources, adopting and standardizing best practices and best-in-class development tools, and leveraging development accelerators as often as possible. SAM-i can help software organizations with: - Software Conceptualization & Requirements - Software User Experience Design and Prototyping - Software Architecture & Design - Software Development & Testing
  5. Web Designing
    Establishing a web presence and effectively marketing your website can take weeks or even months of researching different services such as; website designers, developers, website hosting, online marketing, SEO experts, logo designers, link builders, article writers and so on. We offer all these web design services and more, so there is no need to use several web design companies. We can build any type or size website you require, from small custom designed websites or highly advanced online stores. We also offer lots of help and advice along the way, so don't worry if you are not a web guru, we have you covered. Each of our websites can be developed with a very easy to use content management system, also known as a CMS, and we provide free basic training on how to use your website. We have been helping businesses thrive online with our unique web design services and techniques. If you need a website designer that will stand by you through the entire development process and after, then let one of our highly skilled website designers help your business website succeed online. We offer each and every client one-on-one customer service directly with the web designer that designed their project. With our highly skilled team of website designers and website developers we can create exactly what you need. We are available by phone, email or Skype, just let us know if you would like a free web design estimate or if you need a custom development estimate.
  6. Test Automation
    The reality is that automation is more utilized during large projects rather than during small ones. Tests can be automated if the system is stable and the requirements to tested areas are not often changed. Proper test automated testing services consist of: - elaboration of the requirements; - creating the test strategy and plan; - writing the code; - verifying the scripts One shouldn’t also forget about maintenance of the tests. Automated tests should be easily maintained. If their maintenance is time and labor consuming, the tests may turn to be loss making. Automated tests are software products. So, one must refer to the process of automating tests as to any other software development process. It is recommended to automate only the tests that will run many times in course of the project; if tests are to be performed only once, it is unprofitable to automate them.
  7. Training
    Our independent position, coupled with our extensive knowledge and close relationships with all major vendors, means that we can source the highest standard of courses covering all forms of software learning, management and personal development. We can cater for all requirements and budgets, utilising our buying power to offer our customers the best rates. Having a better understanding of software products from software vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and VMware, as well as training in Prince2 and ITIL increases productivity, performance and profits. We offer our customers easy access to all forms of software training - online training, eLearning, on-site and off-site training - as well as a range of flexible payment services designed to maximise your training budget without compromising on the quality of the training.
  8. Resourcing
    Our Resourcing Services can help save time and money by scaling your IT staff to meet changing market demands. SAM-I ’s low-risk staffing solutions provide an efficient way to tackle IT initiatives and more complex projects. You can add resources when and where they are required and ramp up for any project with specialized expertise that may not exist internally. Whether you require a skilled staff to deal with fluctuating requirements, resource gaps to meet project deadlines or temporarily adding a staff team to eliminate IT backlog, SAM-I can deliver the technical skills you need. • Contract Staffing: Faced with the necessity of project-specific labor services, many companies are finding contract services an effective means of alleviating short term staffing needs. SAM-I understands the problem of contract staffing and helps you to hire for specific projects for specific periods of time. • Project Delivery Staffing: Project Staffing is one our core contract staffing service enhanced with additional features. Project Staffing addresses specific issues most important to our clients. We provide a cost-effective solution, in a rapid time frame, accounting for maximum flexibility, while allowing our client to maintain control of the project. SAM-I will be responsible for the total recruitment, screening, interview and placement of all consultants on the project while the client maintains the day-to-day project management responsibilities.
  9. Mobile Testing
    We offer following mobile testing services: - Mobile Functional Testing - Mobile Compatibility Testing - Mobile User Experience Testing - Mobile HIG /W3C compliance Testing - Mobile Localization Testing - Mobile Test Automation - Mobile Performance Testing - Mobile Security Testing - Mobile infrastructure Support device lab setup These services are all based on the TMap® Next and TMap® Next for Mobile, which provide a solid foundation for structured mobile testing based on four essentials: A business-driven test management (BDTM) approach A structured test process and lifecycle model Employing a complete toolbox To provide an adaptive test method We deliver these mobile testing capabilities through our Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence and our strategic partnership with the world’s leading mobile testing tools providers.