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The Global Aerospace industry continues to grow year on year to meet airline requirements. The industry faces challenges of rising operational cost, dearth of infrastructure in terms of airports, Maintain Repair and Overhaul (MRO) value chain along with trained flying and maintenance crews. A paradigm policy shift from importer to manufacturer has been invoked allowing the participation of global industry in Aerospace.

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SAM-i Solutions supports A&D organizations ranging from Airframers, Tier 1&2 suppliers, airlines and airports by enabling IT systems, process outsourcing, secure and optimized IT infrastructure and leveraging our practitioner experience to deliver transformational programs. We have capabilities to develope, implemente, integrate and maintaine solutions for the Aerospace industry that help your business cope with technological advancements and changes in the economic environment.
I was engaged in what I believe to be the most thrilling industry in the world-aviation. My heart still leaps when I see a tiny two-seater plane soaring gracefully through the sky. Our great airlines awe me. Yet I know they were not produced in a day or a decade.
William A. "Pat" Patterson, CEO United Airlines.